Killer at Large- Documentary

Ignorance is never an excuse for not knowing something that you are putting in your own body

I watched the documentary called Killer at Large: America’s Greatest Threat on Netflix.  To watch it on your computer watch  it here. Now this documentary isn’t a direct vegetarian or vegan documentary, but it does tie back to support a plant based diet.  The documentary starts off with a shocking story of a 12 year old girl weighing 218 that was having liposuction as a solution to her problematic diet.  It focuses on the dangers of processed foods, and the health problems today from the evolution of food supported by the USDA.  The main points are linked to the harm of current advertisements that target children, and connection between the USDA and big “junk food” companies.


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One thought on “Killer at Large- Documentary

  1. I haven’t heard of this movie – thanks for the recommendation. Maybe I can talk my hubby into watching it with me this weekend. Celeste:)

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