Forks Over Knives

“Let food be thy medicine.” -Hippocrates

This is an excellent documentary (on Netflix) about the problems with the American diet.  We pay $2.2 trillion on health care each year, which is more per person than any other industrialized nation, yet we are the most unhealthy.  Forty percent of Americans are obese.  We are so dependent on pills as a solution to our diseases.  Really the solution is as simple as eliminating or nearly eliminating meat products and refined food (flour, sugars, and oils).

Food that comes from animals (meat, dairy, eggs) causes so many diseases such as cancer and heart disease.  There is data from the occupation of Norway by Germany when the Germans took all of their farm animals to supply their army.  The rate of diseases plummeted during the occupation because they were not consuming animal products.  After the occupation meat and dairy consumption resumed and diseases began climbing again.   They have even found that a plant based diet can reverse cancers and other diseases.  So it is never too late to become a vegetarian/vegan!!

This documentary compares studies on humans and rats over the past few decades.  It also follows a few people as they switch their diets to a whole foods and plant based diets.  There is also data that the higher the dairy consumption the higher the osteoporosis.  That is exactly the opposite of what the dairy industry has been trying to tell us for decades!

This documentary really makes me want to go beyond a vegetarian and become vegan.  Maybe I can start to be vegan 5 days a week 😉 It is very, very interesting and I encourage you to watch it!

Forks Over Knives Official Trailer


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