My surgery went well on Monday, but the recovery has been a little rough.  I had my tonsils removed so my food options are very limited.  I’ve been eating soups, applesauce, and eggs.  So instead of focusing on vegetarian recipes I thought I’d share some good food related documentaries on Netflix.

King Corn:  It is a documentary that follows two guys that decide to grow an acre of corn in Iowa and try to follow the “life” of their corn.  They look at what goes into the farming (GMO & fertilizers) and then the likely outcomes of corn.  They look at corn as feed for animals and the dangers of it for the animals and to humans eating the meat.  They also look at the politics that led our country to over produce corn and the resulting use of corn in nearly every food item we consume.

Farmageddon: This documentary focuses on the health benefits of raw milk and organic foods produced locally and usually purchased in co-ops and farmers markets. The problem is the USDA regulations and state and local government attacks on local farmers that hurt local farmers and the consumers from getting the healthy products they desire.  The irony is that the government doesn’t care if you feed your children fast food every day, but makes it impossible in some states to have raw milk for personal consumption.  The facts about organic food were educational, but the most interesting part of the documentary was the lengths the government goes to prevent the trade of natural, healthy food.

Genetic Roulette: Now this one may or may not be on Netflix.  I watched it online during a free promo about a month or two ago.  So if it isn’t on Netflix it should be available free somewhere online from time-to-time.  It focused on the health risks of Genetically Modified food.  This documentary is really what made me want to focus on what I’m putting into my body.

I’ll continue to add to this list this next week since it doesn’t look like I will be leaving my couch anytime soon.


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